After Sun Massage with fresh Aloe Vera

  • Full Body Massage
    60 min $55
    90 min $75
  • Book your massage at the reception of Las Lajas Beach Resort or WhatsApp 6240 2705

This soothing relaxing massage uses the healing power of fresh Aloe leaf in order to help your skin to regenerate after a sunny day on the beach. The pure Aloe is refreshing and moisturizes the skin profoundly. The treatment includes a combination of   massage techniques to bring you into deep relaxation.

Of course, when most people think about aloe vera, they think of relief from stinging sunburns. However, scientists say aloe vera is packed with vitamins C and E, along with zinc and polysaccharides, which may help stimulate cell repair and epidermal growth. It also is reported to soothe inflammation and reduce scarring. In addition, aloe vera has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. Used topically in a massage, it may help speed cell regeneration and improve the appearance of the skin.

Already 2100 years before Christ records of the benefits appear on Mesopotamian  tablets. And nowadays aloe vera has made strong forays into the overall world of health and healing.